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10 Things Women Like and Dislike About How You Dress.

January 24th, 2018 | by elitemusic
10 Things Women Like and Dislike About How You Dress.

What do women like and dislike seeing men wearing? This is a very daunting question, after all, clothes may help win the attention of online singles. Of course, men wear clothes to cover their modesty, protect from wind and sun, and gain warmth in the cold, just like everyone else. But it doesn’t end there: the clothes should look nice. Modern ladies perfectly understand trends, they know how to experiment in and harmoniously combine what they have with what their men own. Fact is, girls pay attention to both your personality and your clothes.

So, let’s find out what you need to pay attention to going forward.


What turns them off? Of course, this is a matter of taste: some girls are horrified by the sight of long ties and shiny or striped suits in gangster style, others pay attention to things such as the size of your socks. The list is endless, but there are still some general observations that most girls may agree with. A recent poll among females revealed the top 5 things that women don’t like seeing men wearing:

The fifth place: high-waisted trousers

Stop hitching your pants up to your underarms! Or are you afraid that if you lower your trousers just below the waist, they will instantly fall down?

The fourth place: jeans from 80’s

Women love these vintage jeans.  It is strange that they look pretty good on them. But most girls don’t like their appearance on men.

The third place: skinny jeans

It is one thing to see skinny jeans on a female body and another seeing them on men. Don’t torture yourself – it’s not only harmful to your health but also unattractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

The second place: swimming trunks

Some brave guys go swimming in them. It is better not to go to the pool or to the beach in swimming trunks because many girls don’t like their appearance.

The first place: socks with sandals

Sandals must be worn without socks. Otherwise, don’t bother wearing them at all.


Girls love some of these so much that they wouldn’t mind wearing them as well.

The first place: straight jeans

They got one more name “boyfriend jeans”. Girls who are the same height as their boyfriends are lucky as they can wear their boyfriend’s jeans, while they… suffer in skinny ones.

The second place: shirts

If a shirt has long sleeves, they can be rolled up. That’s what they like about them.

The third place: T-shirts

Men’s t-shirts look great even with short skirts. Every girl knows this.

The fourth place: headwear

These look good on girls just as much as they do on men. Many girls can attest to the fact that nothing is as beautiful as headwear borrowed from their boyfriends.

The fifth place: leather clothing

Men should also pay attention to such clothing. A jacket worn with trousers and nice shoes will not leave any girl the same. You just can’t beat the sexines of leather clothing.

The answer to the question “What do women find attractive in men?” is simple enough – style and good taste.




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