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4 Easy Ways To Keep Healthy Without Spending Money.

November 16th, 2016 | by elitemusic
4 Easy Ways To Keep Healthy Without Spending Money.

Diseases caused by wrong lifestyle choices we make in life are on the rise. This has turned into a big business opportunity for all these lifestyle medical experts claiming they can cure every illness but at a ridiculous cost. It’s important to note, that many of these illnesses are avoidable if you change your lifestyle.

Good personal hygiene

No one should even compromise on this. The aspect of good hygiene should emanate right from the mind that you have to take a bath, keep clean undergarments, get rid of that pubic hair, keep well washed and ironed clothes etcetera. Drenching yourself in litres of pricey cologne may as well be useless if the above is not strictly adhered to.

Good sex

This is still a very delicate subject to discuss in the public domain especially in the African society but, apart from procreation, sex has so many healthy benefits. From acting as a stress reliever to helping one break a sweat, there’s so much you can get from sex. And, make sure it’s nothing short of ‘good sex! Experiment as much as possible with your partner to kick the boredom out of the bedroom or whichever place you may find suitable to quench your coital desires fronting health benefits as the major goal.

Good Food

The buckets of finger-licking crunchy chicken and sugar filled fizzy drinks may have to be put aside as they put the proper functioning of your internal organs in jeopardy. Don’t forget to have enough water, fruits and vegetables as well.

Enough Sleep

There is no standard measure for adequate sleep but for the good of your health, have what you think is enough, putting your work schedule into consideration. The brain just like all other body organs needs rest in order to work perfectly. The minimum should be 6-8 hours of sleep but if you can steal a nap or two during the day, the better for your body and mind.



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