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British-Ugandan singer Michelle O Faith to hold concert for drought victims.

September 13th, 2017 | by elitemusic
British-Ugandan singer Michelle O Faith to hold concert for drought victims.

British-Ugandan singer Michelle O Faith will hold a charity concert for the drought-stricken Teso community in Uganda on 15 September.

The charity concert, named A Grain for Teso, will be held at Silver Springs Hotel in Uganda’s capital Kampala. Funds raised from the concert will be used to buy and distribute grain to the Teso community in the east of Uganda.

“I am deeply saddened by the knowledge that the Teso people have been struck so badly by famine that some members of my community are going without food,” Faith said.

“It’s because of that reason that I am motivated to hold this concert. God gave us talent so that we can use it for the betterment of others and not ourselves alone. Therefore it only seems right that I use my voice and music to help raise money for the Teso people.”


Uganda’s Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru, said at least 40 people had died due to the drought despite government efforts to deliver food aid to the region. Additionally, some 68 dams have completely dried up in what is one of the worst droughts to hit the country in years.

A Grain for Teso is selling platinum tables for $1 400, silver tables for $550 while regular tickets for the event cost $27.

Faith, who recently performed at the Uganda Film Festival, is expected to play some of her hits such as ‘Lemonade’, ‘Wasted Youth’ and ‘No Romance in China‘. Other Ugandan musicians sharing the stage with Faith are Karole Kasita and S&S Band.



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