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Comedy Store set to change a venue.

October 3rd, 2017 | by elitemusic
Comedy Store set to change a venue.
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Diners Lounge in Bukoto had made a name for itself after the weekly comedy store that happens every Thursday evening but according to what we are receiving, the comedy outfit had its final show last Thursday.

Alex Muhangi who was entrusted with comedy store is now looking for a new place to run the weekly gig. “We are looking for a new space for our weekly show that will cater for the needs in line with our long term plans. As brands grow, new challenges emerge as well the aspirations. So Comedy Store seeks a new venue that is spacious enough to accommodate 2,000 people, great environment and offers good customer service to our clientele,” Alex Muhangi’ wrote on his facebook page wall.

During the last episode, it was a full house with almost all Ugandan comedians showcasing their talents. The main act was Eric Omondi from Kenya and Bebe Cool.

Will keep you posted @Elite Musictv

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