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Daxx Kartel Speaks Out…Am Single And Not Searching.

February 6th, 2016 | by elitemusic
Daxx Kartel Speaks Out…Am Single And Not Searching.

Batusala mu Baala Singer Daxx Kartel has this to share with us

How old is Daxx Kartel?
I was born on November 17, 1988. So you can do the math.

Are you educated?
I went to Massaja Primary School, Kiyunga Islamic School, J College for my Senior Four and then went to Massaja Secondary School for my Senior Six and finally Kampala University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication in 2013.

How long have you been in the music game?
Since 2013, and I remember the first gig I performed at, the promoter gave me Shs5,000 yet he had promised to give me Shs10,000 after the show.

What are some of the songs that you started with?
The song that brought me onto the scene is Tulikumukuttu, although many people started recognising me after Self Service with Sheebah. I have other songs such as Beat Ewunya Nyo alongside Tip Swizzy, Nabambula, Jealousy, Baala, among others.

Speaking of Baala, what inspired that song?
The only reason is that 98 per cent of Ugandans are drunkards and we are the leading country in alcohol consumption in Africa. Besides that, the story behind the song is that there is some advice in it which is over consumption of alcohol is always bad.

What religion are you?
I am a believer and worshipper of Allah. That simply means I am a Muslim and my name is Suleiman Ssebunya Ssebyala.

How have you benefited from music so far?
I have made many friends, found recognition and people love me because of music, and most importantly, I have come close to God. Before I became popular, I asked God for four things; to know him more, to always fear him, wisdom, and to use me to change other people for the better. I am a witness to that.

Are you signed to any record label?
Yes, Wizard Order. Let me explain it this way, on a poultry farm, the hen that lays the most eggs survives longer than those that don’t. So what I am doing now will benefit not only me but other people in the future.

Where do you record your songs?
I do open production and that means that I work with everyone. As soon as I enter the studio, anyone is free to advise me on a song before releasing it. But I have worked with producer Exo, Shidy Beats, Real X and Ronnie da Don.

Are you married?
I cannot be that selfish not to have invited you for my wedding. I’m not married, neither am I searching.



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