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Galaxy FM Injects Shs18M in Geosteady Concert.

September 8th, 2017 | by elitemusic
Galaxy FM Injects Shs18M in Geosteady Concert.

Galaxy FM has pumped Shs18M in the Geosteady Live concert slated for Friday September 8th, 2017.

The money, we have learnt, is meant to help the singer clear financial obligations   for the concert.

The ‘Same Way’ singer received his checque from the station marketing manager Jonathan Nalebo and Evening Rush presenter Prim Asiimwe Thursday  afternoon.


To be held at Imperial Royale hotel, Geosteady’s concert is expected to be one of the most attended show this year, considering his recent monopoly of the music scene.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday morning about the concert, Geosteady said “This is going to be my first official concert ever since I started music, I am so scared, yet very excited.”

Will Keep you update from this show.


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