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How I Started Smoking Marijuana–Keko

September 12th, 2015 | by elitemusic
How I Started Smoking Marijuana–Keko

Ugandan rapper Joselyn Tracy Keko has opened up about how she started using drugs including tobacco, marijuana and alcohol.

In an interview with us, Keko has revealed that she started smoking marijuana soon after starting her musical career.

The rapper said that she got into the habit of smoking marijuana because of the company that she was keeping.

She however said that she does not blame any of the people that initiated her saying that it was ultimately her decision to use the drugs.

Keko however regretted using the drug saying that it made her do some terrible things including making her too lazy to do her music.

The ‘How We Do It’ hit maker says that she has since mended her ways, thanks to a rehabilitation program that saw her quitting marijuana and alcohol.

She added that she is now struggling to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes through efforts with her doctor and that currently she smokes only 5 cigar rates which she eventually wants to take down to 3 and eventually none very soon.

Keko advised young people to stay away from drugs saying that the pleasure they provide lasts for a night but that the repercussions last forever. [Also Interesting:  I HAVE NEVER SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL-A PASS]


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