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How to Make a Big Bold Statement in Your Little Black Dress.

January 24th, 2018 | by elitemusic
How to Make a Big Bold Statement in Your Little Black Dress.

Simple, versatile, timeless…the little black dress (LBD) is a truly indispensable item that no wardrobe should be without. It’s the ultimate fashion go-to for any occasion, from casual daywear to night-time glamour. There’s no doubt that the plain and sombre LBD contrasts strongly with traditional vibrant African prints, but the glory of the LBD lies in its potential to add distinctive flair and style with statement-piece accessories, be it feathered jewellery, platform sandals or a fringed bag. Rest assured, there’s no way you can look drab in a little black dress.

The story of the LBD

A western classic, the LBD originates from Paris, dating back to 1926 when Vogue published a drawing of a simple black dress by Coco Chanel. It was hailed as a universally accessible item and a uniform for women of taste. Immediately a massive hit, the LBD later made its way to America where it was updated by Christian Dior in the 1960s and adopted by Hollywood stars on- and off-screen. Since then, the LBD has been embraced globally as a fashion phenomenon and today is every woman’s wardrobe staple.

With its enduring popularity, let’s look at how you can stand out and use accessories to style your LBD . Don’t forget, the beauty of black is that it’s a blank canvas and will go with absolutely anything.

Standout shoes


Top off your LBD with show-stopping shoes. Go for bright colors and shine to make a bold statement. Alternatively opt for black for the ultimate smart, classic chic. And a nude shoe will help give the impression of lengthy legs. Whatever color you opt for, if the occasion is dressy, and then go for height. A stiletto teams up beautifully with the timeless LBD. But if it’s an everyday look you’re after, don’t be afraid to dress down by pairing your LBD with pumps or even sneakers.



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