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How to Save Money on Fashion

May 25th, 2015 | by admin
How to Save Money on Fashion

I once bought a Marc Jacobs bag for $40.
It was tossed in a haphazard stack of leather bags at an upscale outlet store. And even though I really didn’t like the color (a washed-out teal) and it looked a little faded around the edges, I bought it anyway.
This fabulous steal actually wasn’t much of a buy at all since I never actually used the bag. In fact, it was a complete waste of $40. But it does make a really good story.

Have you ever noticed that women love to tell each other about their incredible shopping finds? I used to have a neighbor who liked shopping as much as I did and instead of gabbing about whose husband was cheating or which neighbor had weeds in the lawn, we swapped stories filled with the likes of Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan.
When online, members-only sales sites started a while back, like, I happily forwarded the info on to my mailing lists.

I’ve clipped coupons, shopped sample sales, trolled outlet malls and picked through clearance racks all in the name of an extraordinary bargain.
Because as much as I love fashion, I love a great deal.
As a middle-age woman, it’s probably a good thing I like bargains. A report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows that up to one-half of us baby boomers will outlive our retirement savings.
I try not to over-worry about things like retirement right now since I plan to work, well, forever. But I do like to try and live well without spending a fortune.
I’m glad that technology has finally caught up to my bargain-hunting fever. Here are some apps that you can use to find the best prices:
• Smoopa: Crowd-sourced price comparison. Real-time prices from shoppers are entered to let you know if you are getting the best deal.
• I hate carrying paper coupons, so this handy app for stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom works really well. Find in-store deals, coupon codes — even grocer coupons to save you money.
• Level Money I hate budgeting almost as much as I hate carrying coupons, but this amazing app links up to your account to let you know how much money you have on hand to spend. Very nifty!
• Pricegrabber Thousands of merchants, oodles of product, and you pick the best bargain: it’s a shopper’s dream resource.

In addition to using tech to save money, I believe you need to have a strategy to buy smarter. Here are my favorite tips for creating your dream wardrobe:
Pick a color story. Mine’s black and white. It doesn’t mean that everything I own is black or white — I have some prints and color — it just mean that all of my basics like tees, pants, skirts — are black or white. You may choose a bold color — maybe red is your thing — or neutrals like navy blue. Or maybe you want to build everything around denim.

Whatever you buy needs to go with something you own. A few years ago I bought a smashing pair of wine-colored suede pumps dirt cheap. They sat in my closet for years before I finally found something to go with them. Moral of the story: it’s not a bargain if you never use it.
Buy in multiples. My favorite work pants are skinny black pants from White House Black Market. They fit perfectly, hold up to lots of wear and are seasonless. They are also the first time I didn’t follow my own advice of buying perfect basics in multiples (I do that all the time with jeans and tees) and I regret it all the time.


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