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I have a Real Man and he is not Bafana – Fifi Da Queen

September 27th, 2015 | by elitemusic
I have a Real Man and he is not Bafana – Fifi Da Queen

Fifi Da Queen is one of the greatest female TV personalities in Uganda. She is the ‘Gwosalawo’ program host on Bukedde TV. The city corridors have been buzzing with slitz about her steamy romps with….

musicians and of course, the father of her daughter. The Elite reporter spent some good hours with her talking about it all and here is what she had to say;
Elite: Glad to meet you beautiful. Can you please tell us about yourself?

Fifi: I am Phionah Nabitengero aka Fifi Da Queen. I am a second born and the only girl in my family. I’m a radio and television presenter, a mother of one beautiful girl and a brave woman. I am also very active and determined at work, what else can I say?

Elite: Tell us about your name and why you think you are the Queen?

Fifi: Well, I got that name from my family as a little girl, my mother used to call me ‘Fifi’ while my father called me ‘Queen’. Basically that’s how I managed to merge them and here we are with Fifi Da Queen taking over.

Elite: It is said that beautiful women like you never attend any classes. Could this statement be true?

Fifi: Yah sometimes, but sincerely speaking it’s not true because many cute ladies have gone to school and I’m among them. I went to Katikamu SDA for my High school and proceeded to UMCAT School of journalism and Mass communication where I recently graduated in Journalism. I’m a blackboard material my friend!

Elite: Hahaha Yes Miss “Blackboard material”, how did you balance school and work?

Fifi: School was a little bit tricky because I was working at the same studying. However, as a brave and focused woman I managed to catch-up and I completed well.

Elite: How old is Fifi Da Queen?

Fifi: In this modern and beautiful world, one of the greatest crimes is a woman speaking about her age. Women do not unveil their age but just know that am still young, hot and sexy. However my birthday is on 10th August and make sure you bring birthday gifts on that day.

Elite: Are you in a relationship?

Fifi: (Laughs hysterically) Why not? I am in a relationship, and a long distance relationship.

Elite: Long distance! Who is this guy and how do you sustain that long distance affair?

Fifi: Hahaha… my friend, I can’t disclose him now. Wait the time will tell when everything is done. However, all I can say is that I love him so much than any other thing in the world.

Elite: What challenges have you faced in your career so far?

Fifi: Balancing family, work and the celebrity status is the hardest of them all. Life as a celebrity isn’t easy at all, but I do consider my family first because I love my daughter so much. I would love her to follow my footsteps God willingly.

Elite: What’s that best moment you will never forget?

Fifi: Ooh as a celebrity when I went to the president’s office and he recognized me. It was the day that I realized that I’m somebody in this world. However, also my daughter’s birth was also a stunning day that nobody can scrape off my mind.

Elite: Tell us about that worst moment?

Fifi: Doing a three hour program in the field and reaching the station without the audio recordings was the worst of them all.

Elite: What’s your Favorite quote?

Fifi: Destroy what wants to destroy you before it destroys you.

Elite: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Fifi: Since there are so many young stars entering the media, we need to give them chance so am not going to be in the media forever. However that does not stop me from aiming higher in the industry. I have an organization called “FIFIDAQUEEN MOTHER HEART” and that is where I shall be as soon as I get out of mainstream Media.

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