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Kevin Hart Scandal: Why Famous Men Cheat & Their Wives Forgive Them — Expert Explains

September 23rd, 2017 | by elitemusic
Kevin Hart Scandal: Why Famous Men Cheat & Their Wives Forgive Them — Expert Explains

Kevin Hart’s cheating scandal has been blowing up in the news lately. So the obvious is, will Eniko Parrish stand by her hubby? An expert spoke to about why male celebs’ wives stay with cheaters!

Kevin Hart s, 38, current cheating scandal is a real doozy of a tale. As more details continue to pour out about his infidelity, fans have been wondering whether his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish, 33, will decide to leave him high and dry. An insider recently told EXCLUSIVELY that even though Eniko is “hurt and angry” she isn’t “ready to walk away” But why is that, exactly? Relationship expert and author of Bad Girls and Bad Boys, Dr. Carole Lieberman, explained why it’s not unusual for spouses of famous men to stick with them even when they step out.

“So many celebrity men cheat because they can,” Dr. Lieberman said. “It is easier for them to attract women without really trying. Then they rationalize why it’s okay for them to give in to temptation.” “Their women often forgive them and stay because they don’t want to give up the fame and fortune that being married to a celebrity entails,” the psychiatrist noted. “Eniko may want to believe that he will never do this again, but, his apology seemed rather half-hearted,” the doctor continued. “If a sex tape hadn’t surfaced, it is unlikely he would have confessed and apologized to his wife. To rebuild trust she’s asked for the password to his phone, but he could always get another phone. Marital therapy will be necessary and they owe it to their unborn child.”

Dr. Lieberman also noted the truth behind the phrase, “once a cheater, always a cheater,” unless that peron gets “individual and marital therapy” that is. “Too many women are surprised when their husband cheats on them, even though they met when he was married,” she said. “Women fool themselves into believing that they are special — and that he would never cheat on them.” We hope that if Eniko decides to stick with him, Kevin really does change his ways!

Elite MusicTv Viewers , what do you think of Kevin and Eniko’s relationship after his cheating and sex tape scandal? Do you think it will last? Let us know below!



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