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Maurice Kirya Speaks about his Coke Studio Moment.

December 1st, 2015 | by elitemusic
Maurice Kirya Speaks about his Coke Studio Moment.

Maurice Kirya is a Ugandan musician and actor. He won RFI’s 2010 Discoveries Music Award. He won prize money plus a grant worth 18,000 euros to develop his career. He was nominated for the most gifted afro pop video of the year in the 2012 channel O video music awards. He was one of the three Ugandan artists to perform at the inaugural annual Tribe One Festival, in South Africa and is loved by many ladies across Africa. See what he said about his moment in Coke Studio

Why are you still single?

Well, I don’t think I will be single for too long. I am feeling lucky this year.

Did you expect to be paired with a female artist?

To be honest I didn’t expect anything and I preferred not to. The mash up concept of the show made me open minded. I was trying to figure out how to make it work. I hope they would pick Busaabala but it wasn’t picked.

How has it been working with Fid ?

Fid Q is so much fun and such a ball of energy on stage. I loved how my soul music was fused with his Hip-Hop. We’d been planning to work together for ages and when we finally met it was a match made in heaven. We have spoken about working post Coke Studio Africa it’s just that both our schedules are tight but we’ll make it work.

What was your best mash up so far?

That’s a hard one. I kind of liked all of them. I liked Bongo Hip-Hop because I used to do that kind of style in music and my fans were able to see another side of me. The BenderayaChuma/Blue Dress mash up was also great.

How can you describe producer Nahreel?

Apart from him being a genius in making beats I call him a fashion killer. Every time he walked in during rehearsals or the studio, he was looking too good and nobody could have stolen his swag.

What’s your best Coke Studio Africa moment? 

Working with NE-YO. He is somebody that is professional and legendary. He’s achieved so much and it was great to be close to him.

See some of Maurice Kirya’s Photos in Coke Studio


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