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Meet Sasha Ferguson – A Rising Fashion Star and former Miss Teen.

September 8th, 2015 | by elitemusic
Meet Sasha Ferguson – A Rising Fashion Star and former Miss Teen.

Sasha Ferguson is a commercial model, presenter of Top5 countdown segment on Teen’s ElitemusicTvub, designer and CEO of Sash Fash Collections, her own online shopping point for ladies.

Chimplyf (ELITEMUSICTV) caught up with the beautiful, Miss teen 2009 and below are the excerpts.

ElitemusicTv: Who is Sasha Ferguson?

Sasha: My real names are Sasha Naggi. I am a model, fashion designer, events Mc and a Writer.

I am quite reserved, a go-getter, picky but fun to be around with once I get to know you better.

I was born in Uganda and am the first of two children. My Parents, Kenny and Fiona Terizake are staunch born again Christians who pray from Prayer Palace Christian Center in Makindye.

ELITEMUSICTV: Tell us about your academic background?

Sasha: I went to Greenhill Academy, Buganda Road Primary school and Aga khan High School for my O’level. I joined St Noa Girls for my A’level and I am currently at Makerere University pursing a Bachelors degree in Humanity and Social Science.

ELITEMUSICTV: Did you at one time see yourself a designer while in your earlier?

Sasha: Honestly, I didn’t see myself becoming a designer, much less an amazing fashion collector.

My dreams were elsewhere. I wanted to make the best criminal female lawyer in the world. Though I had a sense of fashion from a tender age, It didn’t eat me up so much as to this point now.

ELITEMUSICTV: In your view, how can one become a good designer?

Sasha : One can become a very good designer once they endeavor to be different.

Create something new that can excite the eye, feel it from within and for everything you do, do it with your all.

You know some people think you have to first get a lot of money to be a great designer and then the big name labels intimidate them.

It’s not like that; you have to be a limited edition of your own in fashion.

ELITEMUSICTV: Why do you think the fashion industry in Uganda is growing at a slow rate?

Sasha: When it comes to fashion and modeling, these two being my focus in this case, everyone thinks they can join the field since no academic qualifications are needed.

Everyone thinks they can join the industry regardless of their status and love for the field.

This is one of the main reasons that bring the industry down because many that don’t appreciate the brand join it.

ELITEMUSICTV: What’s your favorite design label?

Besides the one that I adore most, SASH FASH label which is coming soon, I am madly in love with Victoria secrets and Louis Vuitton. I make sure I wear one of the two every time am out.

Sasha: Describe your ideal man?

Hahaha, uhm…my Ideal man would first of all be supportive to my passion, He should be tall, chocolate skinned, God fearing, humble, patient at heart and with a very high sense of fashion.

ELITEMUSICTV: So are you dating anyone?

Sasha: Aren’t you getting a bit too personal…haha, anyway, I would never ask God for more than what I have, am so grateful for the perfect soul mate that I have.

ELITEMUSICTV: As a stylist, who do you regard as the finest model in Uganda?

Sasha: Finest Model!!Trust me, that wouldn’t be anyone else other than Mugume Canary.

He has got what all other models lack. He has a strike of balance both on and off the runway that is built in him. He can’t be broken unlike other models who are blown away with fame.

ELITEMUSICTV: Name at least 3 Ugandan beauties you believe are on top of this fashion game?

Sasha: Judith Heard, Leila Kayondo and the third one is yet to be known. These two keep it blazing regardless; they don’t take an off trend for a yes.

ELITEMUSICTV: What should a young girl do in order to live her dream of being a model like you?

Sasha: I am a fashion designer; I travel too much to make a full house of Sash Fash Collection.

To the young girls out there, I advise them to get mentors who can shape them positively for the world they want to be part of. Also, patience should be their next of kin.

Check on her cool style and fashion [PHOTOS].


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