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Revelers filled up Jahazi Pier at Roast and Rhyme.

February 13th, 2018 | by elitemusic
Revelers filled up Jahazi Pier at Roast and Rhyme.

The 6th Edition of the family day event, Roast and Rhyme was flooded by party animals from all walks of life on 11th Sunday.

As usual skimpy dresses, hot pants and revealing outfits were the odd of the day; we works for majority of single men who attend for eye nutrition.

The event that was themed Nyam Nyam raggea ragga Nyam Nyam attracted a larger crowd than the previous editions.

Jahazi Pier started filling up at around 4 PM, Winnie Nwagi’s ex, General Zarbu together with Janzi and Qwela band were the first act to warm up the revelers with great performances.

These were followed by the day’s performers who were headlining the event like Henry Tigan, Rabadaba, Bennie Gunter among others.

Muchomo, chicken, gonja, ice cream, whiskey, beer and chips stalls never ran out of customers.

The children were catered for with a play ground that consisted of bouncing castles, swings and camel rides.

See Photos Below!!!!

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