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Rwanda, South Korea Partner to Improve Music Education.

September 4th, 2017 | by elitemusic
Rwanda, South Korea Partner to Improve Music Education.

The Rwanda Education Board (REB) has partnered with the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to strengthen music education in the East African country through the Piano Based Music Education (PBM) programme.

The programme, which was unveiled last Friday, will see Korean music experts train Rwandan teachers to improve music instructional practices via the competence-based learning approach.

In 2015, after the inclusion of music in the curriculum for primary schools, Korean firm Booyoung donated 2 000 digital pianos to the government of Rwanda. The pianos were supposed to be used to improve quality of education and promote music training to primary school pupils. However, most of the pianos have remained idle because of a lack of teachers who can play and teach the instrument. All Rwandan public primary schools have at least two digital pianos, which are now expected to be put in action.

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REB director-general Janvier Gasana said the programme would be vital in Rwanda’s mission to help students grow their musical talents and to inculcate an open-minded attitude in the adoption of the competence-based learning approach.

“We look forward to continued collaboration, hoping that the musical instruments will not only contribute to Rwanda’s music promotion among the young generation but also help students acquire basic playing skills that will help refresh their mind,” Gasana said.

KOICA’s country director, Hyeong Lae Cho, said: “I hope Rwanda’s young generation’s knowledge about music is going to improve as long as they will be taught by a well-trained team of teachers who have practical skills at their disposal. We are committed to building a strong education system in collaboration with the government of Rwanda.”



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