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June 25th, 2015 | by elitemusic

Ugandan singer, dancer and performer, Sheebah recently shared in an intensive interview the reason why she persevered and persisted on achieving her dream in spite of the many years she was referred to as a forever upcoming artiste.

We bring you excerpts from the interview. 

How did you become the Sheebah we know today?

It all began when I was 15 years old. My childhood friend introduced me to hangout joint where dancers performed regularly. This felt like a destined coincidence, because I’ve dreamt of becoming one the best dancers in Africa.

My constant attendance had me joining the dance crew, which also got us collaborating with the famous obsessions group. In 2007, I joined obsessions, and later left in 2010 to pursue a solo career. That’s Sheebah in a nutshell.

Is performing the only thing you always wanted to do?

Performing is definitely my first love, but I want to do a thousand other things. Fashion comes second. I tried handling both fashion and music, but realized I had to focus on music and then the rest will fall in place. I also want to empower women, in any other way I can – to make a difference by fighting for those who are helpless, because I know how lonely the world tends to become when you have nothing.

Tell us of the most embarrassing moment that you’d look back today and laugh about.

I had a BodaBoda accident before I joined obsessions, so I remember trying hard to hide the scar from the other girls, because they all were extremely beautiful. One day, we were supposed to wear shorts, so I tied a small coloured cloth to cover it. While performing on-stage, it fell off, and I drowned in so much embarrassment. The next morning I booked for my very first tattoo, which is the beautiful Rose you see on my left leg.

Is there a daily routine that you can’t do without? 

I can’t do without music & dancing. I also can’t do without my real friends as well as my phone, because I always want to communicate with the #Sheebaholics, my lovely fans.

How many tracks did you record before you had your breakthrough.

I recorded more than 12 audios and 9 videos before getting noticed. But my breakthrough came after the Ice Cream video. I remember on its premier live on TV, I left my makeup artist in the waiting room. Because of that, people thought of the song as a joke! But in a week, it became a monster hit! Everything changed since then.I got a new, experienced Manager who helped me make even greater leaps.

Have you faced any opposition on your path as a musician?

I have faced countless opposition, starting with being misjudged. Most others doubted my talent, as well as show disrespect out of misunderstanding my vision and art. To be successful in this industry, one needs to have thick skin and block out all forms of unconstructive criticism. Only then can you move forward.

What exactly do you do when you want to wind down from all the daily ups and downs?

I have people that really understand the person that I am. They are always there no matter what! They keep me sane so I make sure I see those people more often.Dancing is part of who I am, so I would dance to escape whatever. And it works! I’m also into games. Presently, I’ve spent quite some time playing candy crush! 

What would you say to boys and girls out there in pursuit of their dreams?

To those chasing dreams, it’s not as easy as it looks. You have to believe in yourself tremendously, because if you don’t, no one will. Respect everyone’s time, yours too will come. Pray, play and love what you do. Give it your all. Listen, learn and don’t let the Hype get to your head! There’s more to life than just fame! Give whenever you can and be thankful, with love.


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