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Swangz Avenue Launches First Ugandan Music Streaming Mobile App.

December 20th, 2017 | by elitemusic
Swangz Avenue Launches First Ugandan Music Streaming Mobile App.

Swangz Avenue launched the first Ugandan music streaming app called Sauteez at The Square in Kampala Uganda.

Sauteez is the first Ugandan music streaming app that will give users unprecedented exclusive access to a host of Ugandan songs from a variety of musicians on their phones.

Julius Kyazze, Sauteez Business Development Manager said, “To us music is more than just a sound, we want to protect the work of our artists and make sure they earn fully from it, we are doing this for the love of music.”

He went on to add that, “Sauteez app will not only ensure that local music lovers get music easily and in its original form but will also ensure that artists earn better from their craft.”

The event was also graced by a number of Ugandan musicians who came out to witness a new development in their industry.

“Today for one to make an audio you need about 500,000= and a Video not less than 5million, music is extremely expensive for us. We have been cheated for so long so am excited about this new app that protects our work and enables us earn from it the way we deserve,” said singer Lydia Jasmine.

Juliana Kanyomozi who also witnessed the launched said, “thank you Swangz Avenue for such a great initiative, people like Lionel Richie and other retired artists are still earning big from their music because of such technology. I am glad it has reached us and I cannot wait for my Sauteez account to grow.”

With the Sauteez app, each song will be available to users at a nominal fee payable within the app via mobile money or visa payment, the fees will be paid out to artists,producers and content owners.

“Thanks to our huge music catalogue built through partners with various local artists and content owners, Sauteez makes listening to and discovering the Ugandan music easier than ever,” concluded Swangz Avenue’s Benon.



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